Friday, November 19, 2010

Hari Graduasi & Hari Cemerlang 2010

Congratulations to all SKTBI students for an amazing academic year. The PIBG sponsored the recent Hari Graduasi & Hari Cemerlang on Saturday, November 13th, where top students from Tahun 1 to Tahun 6 were honored for their hardwork and dedication.

SKTBI also saw 68 students score 5A's for this year's UPSR exams. With an 86.5% passing score, the school made it to the Top 5 schools in the Gombak district.

Good jobs, kids. And great jobs, teachers!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Upgrading of Boys and Girls Toilets

As discussed during the last and many previous AGMs, the issue of cleanliness in the toilets is a major concern for parents. Blocked piping, broken flushes, and broken toilets have led to filthy conditions for our children. And in fact, several toilets were closed as deemed not fit to use.

The PIBG is pleased to share the news that repair and upgrading work of 2 toilets at SKTBI have just been completed. One boys toilet and one girls toilet.

The before and after pictures below tell the story.

Parents and students can now sigh with relief. Hopefully, next year with more funds we are able to fix the other toilets. But clean, new toilets are just a temporary solution to the problem. Parents must continue teaching their children the proper use of toilets, and to always respect and take care of public property.